Escondido Asphalt

Originally, in early 2006, Escondido Asphalt installed a 200 ton per hour portable hot plant with one single 85 ton silo.  One year later, a second 85 ton silo was added, to better service our customers.  In 2010, these silos were replaced with 4 silos, having the capacity of 150 tons each for a total of 600 tons.

Escondido Asphalt is presently planning the installation of a state of the art Astec 400 ton per hour “Double Barrel” hot plant replacing our existing plant.  This new plant will match up perfectly with the silos which were installed in 2010 and increase our hourly output by 100%.

Please view the complete line of asphalt and associated products we sell at Escondido Asphalt!

  • Asphaltic Concrete (Asphalt)
  • Parking Lot Sealer
  • Crack Filler
  • Oil Sealer
  • Emulsion Bulk
  • Emulsion (5 Gal. Buckets)
  • Cold Mix
  • Cold Mix in Bags (50 lbs.)
  • Aggregates
  • Rock Dust
  • 3/8 Rock
  • 1/2 Rock
  • 3/4 Rock

Hours of Operation Mon thru Fri, 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Minimum plant opening fee for Saturday use)
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