Pacific Oil Spreading

Pacific Oil Spreading, Inc. is a specialty contractor for the asphalt paving industry, serving Southern California since 1994. We respond quickly, are licensed and insured and have the right equipment to give you a professional job, every time!

Our professionals work closely with your crew to make your job go smoothly. Our drivers pitch in and help. We are a part of your team! Safe - Efficient - Punctual

Services and products we offer include:

  • Computerized, rate controlled bearcat spreader oil distributor trucks.
  • Sand distributor trucks (12 cubic yard capacity)
  • Tack Coat (SS-1h or Hot Oil)
  • Paving Fabric Installation (Petromat, Glaspave, Tru-Pave)
  • Fog Seal
  • Seal and Sand
  • Oil Penetration
  • Prime Coat
  • CTB Cure
  • Chip Seal

Some of the companies we reguarly do business with are:

  • All American Asphalt
  • American Asphalt & Concrete, Inc.
  • Flatiron Construction Corp.
  • G Scott Asphalt, Inc.
  • Hazard Construction
  • J & S Asphalt
  • Portillo Concrete, Inc.
  • TC Construction

If you have any questions about our product or want a quote for an upcoming job, call us at (760) 747-6522 or email Holly@weirasphalt.com.