VC man's recycling unit saves Palomar YMCA $10,000 Feb 14, 2004

Escondido Sand & Gravel Recycling's portable recycling unit has already saved the Palomar Family YMCA more than $10,000 in its construction expansion program, now underway. Demolished concrete from the Y's old tennis courts has been recycled for use on the Y's new parking lot.

The savings come from elimination of steps that would have been necessary without the use of the mobile unit: (1) trucking to a dump site; (2) dump site fees; (3) virgin materials; and (4) trucking the new materials to the construction site. The Palomar Family YMCA's capital construction program includes a new Teen Center and Gymnastics Center as well as improvements to its campus. Weir's already low bid, which won his firm the paving contract, was further lowered by subsequent use of the mobile recycling unit.

According to Palomar Family YMCA executive director Steve Totten, "Part of the Y's mission is the responsibility to conserve natural resources. George's unit has actually recycled all the concrete and asphalt on site, saved trips to the dump site and allowed us to re-use the material here as base for the new parking lot. That is significant, and we are very pleased that George was able to do that for us." Totten said.

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